Say hello to smarter, simpler trademark protection.


You can apply for your trademark in four simple steps.


Our pricing is transparent and affordable. You only pay once.

Advanced Smart Selector

Our advanced Smart Selector uses AI to help you create high quality specifications of goods.

Created by experts

Developed by trademark lawyers to save you time and costs.


Your application is instantly submitted with the New Zealand IP Office.

Fewer objections

Our Smart Selector reduces your risk of IP Office objections.

Who or what is Trademarks Online?

Trademarks Online is a division of sortify.tm, a leading trademark software start-up based in New Zealand.

The Sortify.tm team have over 100 years’ combined trademark registration experience and a wealth of expertise in all things IP.

We identified that brand owners are tired of dealing with lawyers, logins and complex application processes. Trademarks Online was created to help you bypass the trademark lawyers!

We’re excited to implement the world-first Smart Selector, designed to make trademark applications simple and affordable.

What is the Sortify.tm Smart Selector?

The intuitive Smart Selector helps you create trademark specifications of goods, without the need for lawyers.

The Smart Selector uses AI and machine learning, combined with deep-data to allow simple, fast and accurate creation of specifications of goods.  The Smart Selector ranks and displays the most relevant classes for protection based on a search query, and suggests goods and services to register in each class.

All goods and services suggested by the Smart Selector have been pre-approved by the IP Office. This means the specifications you create should be IP Office compliant, and you’ll avoid the cost and delay arising from IP Office objections where your chosen goods are not pre-approved.

The Smart Selector system is far superior to other existing trademark goods selectors. It instantly helps you create a comprehensive specification that even skilled trademark attorneys cannot match.